What We Do

Our Team

MindActiva’s team members are the recipients of several film and television awards for production, directing and editing, including the prestigious Cannes Advertising Award (International), Cleo Awards (International) and Key Awards (Italy).

Our projects are complemented by additional specialists; writers, character designers, music directors, animators, artists and educational experts from all over the world contribute their areas of expertise.

Our Approach

With a focus on quality and user experiences, we develop products that enrich and grow the minds of young children all over the world. The brain has been described as a ‘super-sponge’ for children up to the age of 12.  During this period the foundations of all the important characteristics, such as attitudes, vision, thinking, aptitudes and language, are laid down.

Award-Winning Specialists

To create Yes I Speak English, we assembled a team of over 40 specialists.

Content development was headed by Özge Karaoglu, a teacher, trainer and educational consultant, who has worked with international organizations, schools, and institutions. Extremely active in her field, Özge helped develop the lesson structure and content for Yes I Speak English and is also the winner of the Creativity and Innovation Award, MEDEA Awards 2009, Highly Commended Award, MEDEA Awards 2010, Microsoft Award for Outstanding Teachers as runner up 2010 and E-Learning Awards.

Rogue State, a Production/Animation/Visual Effects facility located in Burbank California created the 3D animation sequences. Formed in 2009, Rogue State has worked on shows for the Syfy Channel, K2 Entertainment, MarVista Home Entertainment, The Global Asylum and American World Pictures. Rogue State’s team on this project has received several Emmy nominations, 3 Emmy Awards and 5 Cleo Awards for animation.